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How To Use Our Videos

How Our Movement Programs Work

Identify Your Area of Concern

Choose low back, hip, knee or ankle. If you don’t have a specific area of concern, follow our lower body maintenance program to optimize your mobility, strength, & balance.

Let Pain Be Your Guide

Our programs are designed to guide you from severe injury and pain “10” to pain free “0” performance.  Rate your pain on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the worst pain you can imagine.  Start with the appropriate program and continue for a minimum of one week.  

Your Plan Progresses as You Do

If your pain intensifies: decrease the intensity of your movements by choosing the appropriate pain level program. 


If your pain diminishes: finish your current week of programming, then increase the intensity of your movements by choosing the appropriate pain level program.


If your pain stays the same: continue with your current program.

How to Succeed: 

Listen carefully to the instructor's prompts and do your best to implement proper movement and breathing techniques.

Lower Body Maintenance Program

This 12 week exercise sequence will diversify your movements to offset the wear and tear that occurs with high repetition sports conditioning.  Restore and maintain the fluid transfer of forces through your lower kinetic chain for optimal pain-free movement.


Frequency:    4 days per week

Time:              20-25 minutes per day

Videos:          TRUrehab (1), TRUstability (1)

Pain Level 7-8 & 9-10 Programs

These videos are designed to repair injured muscles & joints, control inflammation, restore & maintain full range of motion.


Frequency:   4 days per week

Time:              20-25 minutes per day

Videos:          TRUrehab (2)

Pain Level 0-3 & 4-6 Programs

These videos are designed to synchronize muscle & joint function, build healthy tissues & restore strength, posture, balance, & coordination. 
Frequency:      4 days per week
Time:             20-25 minutes per day
Videos:         TRUrehab (1), TRUstability (1)

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