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A tried and true philosophy for injured athletes created by Dr. Jeffrey Johnson.

In our society there has been a rapid rise in youth sports injuries fueled by the year-round training culture.  Kids are joining high-intensity training and competition programs at younger ages than ever before.  This shift has spurred an increase in both traumatic (non-preventable) and overuse (preventable) injuries.  Now youth athletes are suffering from injuries that used to occur primarily in adult athletes.

Athletes, parents, and coaches are ill equipped to handle the multi-faceted issues that put kids at risk for injury and commonly deploy solutions that only prolong injury and limit the athlete's ability to heal. This disconnect between managing training, competition, corrective therapy & self-care is what impassioned Dr. Johnson to bring all injury recovery elements under the same light & guidance.

TRUSALUS was created to provide athletes with a clear path for injury recovery and that extra gust that lifts their performance to greatness.

Image by Abigail  Keenan

This website is designed to move our clients from pain to performance by promoting
a holistic approach to movement and self-care that remedies and prevents traumatic & overuse injury.

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